Digital Readiness

At Fintal we refer to “Digital Readiness” as the digital strategy and implementation plan for your business, which includes: Branding, Marketing, Content, Technology, Data and Performance Measurement.

Digital Readiness focuses your strategy on creating a dynamic, connected digital marketing presence that presents the right information to the right prospect at the right time to engage them.

Your business needs to continually evolve and embrace digital transformation to lead its peer group, be highly competitive and meet your client’s needs. The questions for your business are where do you begin? What will it cost? What’s involved and how will this positively affect your business?

  • Is Digital Readiness essential to the future function of your business and its market as a whole?
  • What technology is available to facilitate the implementation of a DR programme?
  • Will this impede the day to day function of your business? Our team at Fintal will lead you through the relevant programme in consulting with you to develop, implement and deliver the right strategy for your business.

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