Meet The Team


New York

John Sescila

Managing Director North America

John graduated with a degree in Business and Administration from Hofstra University in New York. Since 2000 he has gone on to build an impeccable reputation leading IT/Technology, Consulting and Recruitment businesses to build their Financial Service operations.

John began his career at Bankers in Call in 2000 whereafter he was headhunted into IMR (International Market Recruiters) to build their Financial Services Consulting and Recruitment function.

In 2009 John joined Fintal to roll out their US Consulting and Technology arm which has grown from strength to strength. More recently the business has expanded its operations across the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.


Jim Marchetti

Head of Business Development (North America)

Jim has an extensive track record building in-house IT and Technology Consulting teams across the Financial Service industry. He brings a wealth of experience in executing and applying his strategic thinking developing and forming teams to deliver projects for and on behalf of his clients.

Since joining the industry in 2000 Jim has helped businesses grow their Technology offering across New York where he was based at IMR (International Market Recruiters) and later joining Fintal. This has subsequently allowed him to move to Carolina where he’s now based with his family running the Fintal office out of Charlotte.

The business offering and has grown from strength to strength through Jim’s guidance and has allowed the Fintal offering to launch a Global platform offering.

Joe Chesters

Managing Director (North America)

Joe has worked in the Financial Markets (United Kingdom, United States and Singapore) over the last twenty years building businesses and helping institutions and professionals in the Wealth and Asset Management field originate and expand their existing companies. 

His experience through delivery has covered the complete spectrum of construction, application and implementation of front, middle & back office, technical and IT services & solutions.  Joe has the depth and breadth of knowledge and C level network specifically in the Wealth and Asset Management industry combined with a true understanding of the needs of the business and industry, providing end to end delivery for the business and client.  It’s Joe’s understanding and unrivalled leadership in this space that has gained him the respect of his clients and peer group to date.

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